The People behind the Screen!

Mike Lavrik- Director of Business Development/ Co-Founder


Mike is a jack of all trades. He designed and mapped out the Datacenter which was built in 2006 and also manages the Datacenter and network operations portion of the business. A major focus for Mike is creating strategic partnerships with industry related companies. He also collaborates with the marketing department and develops custom quotes for advanced hosting solutions, and secures and negotiates contracts with vendors.

Fun Fact: Mike is in the process of restoring a 1969 Pontiac GTO. He is also an animal lover who has great love for his pup "Skilla" who often accompanies him to work.

John Quaglieri- Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder


John is a bona fide techy whose main focus is support and security. He oversees the entire support team and manages all aspects of the network. Many of our customers know John very well because he oversees our ticket-system and has it running like a well-oiled machine.

Fun Fact: John loves to travel with his wife and children! They most recently went to Disney World!

To this day, you can find both John and Mike on site daily, ensuring all aspects of the operation are running smoothly.

Stacey Talieres- Director of Marketing

A more recent member to the Interserver team, Stacey manages all aspects of marketing from CPA/Affiliates, Ad Campaigns, Press Releases, along with industry trade events. As we continue to grow our CPA side of the business, Stacey works vigorously to ensure that we are meeting the mark. She has held various levels of upper management positions for leading retailers and brings with her a new and refreshing perspective to the business.

Fun Fact: Stacey transitioned from the Fashion Industry into her new role and currently is our most fashionable employee! 

J.H. - Web Developer

One of the first employees hired, Joe is the most tenured member of the team. He is a coder at heart and loves learning new programming languages. He works closely with John and is the lead designer of the my.interserver portal. Joe has created automation for all the VPS types' Interserver offers. 

Fun Fact: Joe has a large family and telecommutes. 

We are here to Support You!

Taras T. Accounting Billing & Finance Specialist

A longtime member of the team, Taras has mastered several skill sets which include handling all aspects of customer support, billing inquiries from A to Z, hardware acquisition, and building servers.

Fun Fact: Taras went to High School with Mike where they took computer programming classes together

Denis N. Data Center/ Hardware Specialist

Denis joined Interserver in 2014 and has been a great addition to the team. He handles support inquiries, along with hardware maintenance and the daily setup of new servers.

Fun Fact: Denis likes to travel the world!

Ritesh P. Customer Service/Support Specialist

A valued and longtime member of our team, Ritesh is a Senior Support Specialist who partners with the CTO to ensure that our customer service strategy and foundation are solid. We are constantly looking for better ways to serve our customers and Ritesh's expertise is a key component to ensuring we continue to provide the highest level of customer service.

Paul E. Corp Abuse Manager

Paul has been with Interserver for a few years and brings a solid variety of skill sets. Paul is a tech support specialist who specializes in the handling of all abuse reports. He also oversees the replacement of all hardware.